General Information

What is the Alberta Elks Foundation?

  • charitable companion society of the Alberta Elks Association
  • governed by the Constitution, Bylaws and Regulations of the Grand Lodge and as amended from time to time
  • membership shall consist of all registered members of those Lodges under the jurisdiction of the Alberta Elks Association

What is the Purpose?

  • assist the benevolent activities of the member Lodges
  • establish and maintain province wide charitable fundraising activities
  • to hold, use and administer funds and property for the purpose of
  1. maintaining and advancing education, recreation and research activities
  2. rendering charitable assistance to individuals, organizations and research activities
  3. establishing and maintaining community used recreational or other facilities
  • to stimulate, encourage and develop the principles of charity, justice, love, fidelity and noble citizenship


  • administered by a Board of Directors (Trustees) elected at the Annual Meeting during the Annual Association Conference
  • consists of a Chair, Vice Chair and three elected Trustees and the 1st Vice President of the Alberta Elks Association, all of whom shall have voting privileges.  No Trustee shall serve more than three years.
  • Secretary Treasurer does not have voting rights

Where does the Foundation get its funds?

  • donations from Lodges and individual members
  • outside fundraising – raffles, casinos, etc.
  • donations of tabs and other recyclable materials which are sold for cash
  • interest generated by the investment of funds as allowed by the Societies Act


  • Tabs for Tots
  • Disaster, Personal Assistance and General Grants
  • Parade Float
  • Raffle